Catnip MultimediaCatnip Multimedia

Web Design

We offer a complete design service for small to medium websites. We can help you develop your conceptual ideas into a working site. We speak plain English, so you don't need to understand the technical details discussed below!

Front End

We offer front end design using HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, Javascript, JQuery AngularJS and Bootstrap.

We conduct user interface (UI), user experience (UX) and search engine (SEO) analysis and optimisation.

Back End

We offer back end design using Linux, HAProxy, Apache/Nginx, MySQL/MariaDB, Twig and PHP, and optionally packages such as Wordpress and Symfony 3.

We can enable your site to display external events in near real time, for example, room temperature, vehicle position or turnstile count and use a web page to control external objects such as lighting or heating.


We can handle the administrative aspects of setting up your site, including domain registration, ssl certificates and arranging web hosting.

Recent Projects

its4uIT Solutions For You

Providing assistance with both new feature development and maintenance for a variety of financial management and stock control systems in this busy Luxembourg agency.

Technologies used include Symfony, Laravel, AngularJS, Angular 4, MySQL and Oracle.

Belgian Equestrian FederationBelgian Equestrian Federation

Design of a role-based access control system for a new web-based CRM system to handle the registration and management of riders, horses and clubs competing at all levels of equestrian sport in Belgium.

The system enables riders, horses and clubs to be assigned to various groups, and various roles to be assigned to each group. Permissions are assigned to each role, and the permissions allow access to the various features of the CRM system.

The system is based on Symfony 3 and Doctrine.

Mendip Hills Green PartyMendip Hills Green Party

Design of a basic website for the Mendip Hills Green Party. We designed and implemented the site, and provided photographs for background images.

The site is hosted on our own web servers, then relayed via the Green Party content delivery system.

Glastonbury Pagan MootGlastonbury Pagan Moot

Design of a basic website for the Glastonbury Pagan Moot. We designed and implemented the site, and provided photographs for background images, which change automatically each month.

The site features a content management system that displays events according to the current date.

The site is hosted on our own web servers.